Boosters, Masks and Mandates


Welcome back america. You you joined by. Michael oren the former bastard. The united states the former ambassador from israel to the united states. Dr michael oren is back in israel. Good morning dr orrin. How are you and welcome back to you to you. Know i'm glad to be back. I have. I have a very simple but complex question. I read the times of israel to actually find out what's going on with the virus because israel's had everybody else they've got a booster strategy ready they know what's up they know what's down. They have credible people who speak with authority and the public. Why does israel have a functioning public health directorate authority respected in the united states has a complete collapse of credibility with everyone. Well one of the reasons you have to do with the founding fathers you can blame alexander hamilton. James madison and john j Because the founding fathers were so frightened of central authority so frightened of the tyranny of the of the english king that they've they made authority very diffuse. So you know. The governor of new york can't tell the mayor of new york to close the schools of new york. But we have one authority here which tells the entire state but to do and everyone's gonna do it so okay We didn't have the founding fathers but they did some wonderful things but on the questions dealing with a national emergency. Health emergency I guess they didn't foresee that possibility. I got my third vaccination just week. You just pissed me off. I just i was just inveighing against the cdc because everybody knows people need boosters and they announced yesterday they will have a booster strategy in september. And they don't even know what they're gonna recommend and israel has already got michael oren. Who's my age getting. His third booster on freaking believable. Then i made my wife. Is one quarter jewish. Can i may khalia you. Can if not we'll make it happen because honest to god. It's one quarter jewish. I can prove it really. I can get there. You're in we'll get you in here but even then we're talking about now now limiting number people in restaurants but the number of people in stores at master mandatory and hear how 'bout k. Through three you mask your children yes. They have to go to mass that stupid they do in. It'll be the questions whether they're going to be encapsulated where they put kids. You know like three kids in each section of cloud pods makes sense that ventilation makes sense pardon but kindergarten through third grade master not work. There's not a scintilla of evidence for that. Well they do it and You know we're we're trying to change. The numbers are still going up. The numbers are still going up.

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