Kathy Ireland, Supermodel and Entrepreneur, on Her Business 'Kathy Ireland Worldwide'


An amazing career. As one of the top models in the world that's how you came to prominence. You're a woman of faith and now you have a huge business how to even describe it. You know kathy ireland worldwide kind of says it right there but you're you're into so many things. Let's just talk about that for a minute. Because i'm fascinated with this this you eric so grateful. I work with incredible team are remembers members. We've been together over thirty years. We've got our millennials than our jin z's but as far as how we would describe it we've been compared to mini conglomerate berkshire hathaway on a much much much much smaller valuation. Warren buffett is someone And i frequently will compete in newspaper tossing competitions. We both had paper routes his kids for the opening of the way shareholders meetings in that. We started with a single pair of socks. When i was pregnant aging model at my kitchen table and now our company encompasses everything from lighting to furniture dash in entertainment publishing. Children's it's fintech. it's great. We love what we do and me get to work with amazing people and serving credible

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