Disney Finds Its Magic

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Disney that stocks surging higher and the after hours. Let's get straight to christina parts and envelopes with the details. Hi christina courtney. So the transformation from media legacy to direct to consumer conglomerate appears unabated with disney's latest. Q3 results the company posted a larger-than-expected beat on the top line. Coming in at eighty cents a share with be with revenue at seventeen billion dollars disney's newest bread and butter. The almost two year old disney plus streaming platform brought in one hundred sixteen million paid subscribers. Higher-than-expected see bob chepe weighs in on the call. Right now. breakout hits from our beloved grand including pictures and marvel's walkie and the falcon in the winter. Soldier has contributed to strong engagement and new subscriber growth in court disney plus market and we have continued to launch this before in new markets around the world that worth noting the average monthly revenue per paid subscriber for disney plus decreased by forty six cents because they added new subscribers in indiana lower price point and even though there are still no meet and greet mickey and minnie the theme park division posted. Its first profit. Since the of the pandemic revenue at the parks experiences and products segment jumped three hundred seven point six percent to four point three billion and recall the marble star scarlett johansson who filed a lawsuit over the simultaneous release a black widow in theaters and on disney streaming seeing. It breached her contract and hurt financially. Well the ceo. Bob capex said on the call that it was the right strategy to meet the broadest possible audience and that they're doing what they believe is in the best interest of their constituents as well as the film and i'll end just on this. They talked about the dividend just moments ago. They said they won't they don't anticipate bringing about the dividend or repurchasing shares until Events have

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