Infrastructure Bill Offers Once in a Generation Investment in Climate Resilience

Climate Cast


To meet the moment to be responding to the needs of the people we have to be bold. And we can't tink worth the edges. I'm mpr chief meteorologist. Paul hutton here. And that was massachusetts democrat on presley. Talking about the bipartisan infrastructure. Bill that passed the senate this week. It now heads to the house where presley and her progressive colleagues say. It isn't bold enough on climate change especially on the heels of this week's dire warning in the un climate report but while some say it doesn't do enough to reduce emissions. It does offer billions to help the country prepare for the effects of climate change. Forbes tompkins manages efforts for flood prepared communities with the pew charitable trust and joins us now. Hi forbes welcome to climate cast i paul. Thanks for having me. So what do you see in this bill. That can help address. Climate change altogether. This bill really marks potentially a once in a generation investment in climate adaptation and resilience in particular. There's a focus on transportation and it's going to open up An abundance of resources for communities to develop new plans to implement new projects that can better prepare themselves for flooding and other types of disasters. So let's focus on the flooding aspect a little bit. I know you work a lot in that area. What are you seeing in there. That you think can have short term impact One of them is called the building resilient infrastructure and communities program and this bill would infuse a billion dollars into the program immediately and it would allow communities to support. You know any type of hazard mitigation projects That can help them reduce their risk that they face from disasters the second piece specific the flooding is also a second infusion for fema flood mitigation assistance program that provides financial and technical assistance to states localities for projects to reduce the risk of repetitive flood damage to properties and buildings insured by the national flood insurance

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