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Ville iowa but right now it's eight fortyish on the east coast. Top of the fourth. Two five three ballgame eloy. He lawyers just jumped ship into the goddamn cornfields. Oh my god my fantasy teams never been hotter right now so i mean this is cool. They just showed by the way. I have so many different angles. That i wanna hit on on just this game alone by the way. Go check out the youtube channel. Starting nine youtube page. We just put up the barstool barn burner video shot at the brand. She crushed it with that video footage to go through. Edit it must have been paying the ass came up fucking awesome. We played on the field of dreams. Team starting nine verses Team redline radio. The game ended tied. Nothing else happened. After that We played eleven innings. Great video and the first thing that i want to get into. Because we're in the middle. I don't think the end result of this baseball game matters. I think it's just pulling it off. Kevin costner is in the fucking booth right now with joe buck in starting nine alumni. John smoltz this is what we're dealing with right now so the first thing i want to say. Have you been watching the entire time. You've been running around. I've been i've been running around a little bit like i watched i watched early. I watched the pageantry. I watched all that stuff which which is obviously cool. Yeah that's what. I wanted to kind of a couple of things i wanted to hit on because right now. They're showing the field that we played on right now. Which is the field of dreams. Movie site field. This field is obviously different. If you're standing on the field of dreams movie site at home plate the field that this game between the white sox and yankees reading played on is just over yonder of left field. You all earn you behind me lou. Voight okay here behind me all right cool so the first thing that i wanted to point out the camera angles like we need to do this. Like every regional broadcast needs to get on like pay attention to what's look at spokane. They've got drone cameras and the seattle mariners to my knowledge of the only team that is using the fly cam which i believe is root sports. And they've got that cam that kinda just looks like a drone camera. That's flying around the third base line when someone hits a homer they're kind of like following the guy going from third base to home i it's really cool. It looks like a drone. But it's not but this broadcast on fox. They've got cameras out the fucking ass everywhere. And they've got these awesome drone shots which i know it makes more sense for a game like this when you want to show the cornfield you want to show that the field of dreams movie site field is is right there Through the field of corn. But i mean this whole fucking thing it rolling the fourth. It's an a plus like everyone wants to get on major league baseball for like. Oh you're not cool enough. You're not appealing to the younger fan. This is this is fucking great based on where they were at and what it looked like when we were there just a week and half two weeks ago or whatever. It was two and a half weeks. I have no idea. But based on what it looked like vin and what is happening right now. I thought there was no way they were going to be able to have people watching this ball game in whatever they were calling those things that look like stands but those those worries concerns gone out the window the aesthetics of the old school storeboard with the ladder rolling. You've got folks hanging numbers. I mean the whole thing the backdrop. Just just go back and look at the images of the backstop. Looks like as you're watching lance lynn. Who looks like he. Probably blanchard said corn chucked said corn harvested headcorn and could mao pounds of said corn. Like the is there. Is there no better to have on the mount. The i mean. I think like the doodoo just like. Hey here you go country fastball. Here's a fucking heater. Let's let it ride through the cornfield. It's it's awesome. It's perfect if you could hand mean. Obviously i would imagine that the yankees would have preferred andrew heaney not be the starter for for today's gaming. The do no offense is out there throwing every start that he's made for the yankees so far this year. But that's what the fans the fans wanna see balls land in the fucking corn. Do they not. So maybe entering. He's perfect for this game. You try to give the people what they want. And you know aaron boone. he's guy he's an entertainer. He understands he gets it just so happens to be heat eastern away straight up though. It's an exciting thing really excited for these for these players because to be one of the guys who is playing the first ever game on this diamond in this state. I ever midgely baseball game. That's really cool. It's very cool. And i just threw it tweet out there before you hopped on and i said something to the effect of. I wasn't quite sure and we were. This is a conversation that we were having when we were there in iowa. I wasn't quite sure. How some of the veteran guys were going to handle or react to having to go out into the middle of nowhere iowa for one game i mean they have the off day tomorrow and then they resume the series at saturday sunday but to have to go out there for one game. There's not a whole lot happening out there. It's baseball land and to see. I mean they're buying in unless they're faking it. These guys seem pretty into it and you have to love that because as a fan at really only adds to the viewing experience you would hate to see like a bunch of guys that are just miserable being there with the flock or they're complaining about it like i haven't seen any of that the the the movie depending on where it rests in your pantheon of baseball movies i i. I'm sure it has an impact on the willingness of guys to buy into this. But i i think if you just let the kid inside of you takeover like these guys do each every day then you appreciate the the magnitude of being just being the first being the first group to do this. That's that's really cool. What i think is i mean. I don't know how ironic like come on. We're having the first major league. Baseball game ever played in iowa under the premise of growing the game. And the reason is getting the resounding reception it is is because these people in iowa or being stiff armed around every corner when they try to watch major league baseball there blacked out of six different markets. So it's almost like you're throwing peanuts to a crowd who's starving starving for baseball. And it's like we know you're we know you're getting hosed as far as being able to watch baseball like you know as much as you might want to. So here's a little novelty game will give this to you. Chew on that enjoy it more. Well yeah no shit gonna stay the same. Nothing's changing just. Enjoy this game though. You gotta figure they do this every year. Now i mean it's it's logistically is something that you obviously have to schedule and plan for but from there. It's it's about teams being willing to to make the accommodation you watch on this right now.

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