The Best of Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette


As colette entered a new stage in her life. So did the rest of the world. in paris. Colette found a flourishing network of underground lesbian bars and restaurants. It was in this community that colette met her lover of six years. She was across dressing noblewoman. Nicknamed mri the two for one night performed at moulin rouge together and their kiss nearly caused a riot. Colette tried to continue writing under her own name. But predictably had no immediate success. She resorted to making money in other ways. Before world war one darkened the atmosphere. Cafes cabarets and music halls were full of performances. all kinds. Colette became a music hall dancer. Living a rich life filled with material for her writing. She dedicated herself to her books. While also finding work as drama critic political writer fashion critic and cooking columnist in one thousand nine hundred ten she published the semi autobiographical book the vagabond. The story centers. On a woman named rene who after divorce becomes a dancer music halls. This fresh fighting and sensual book marked the beginning of her new and distinctive voice. A nineteen fifty five review wrote la- vagabond explorers with collects infinite patience and precision. The beating heart of a woman in each and love is not passionate romance nor tender dream but an abiding dul. Colette went onto marry two more husband's court many lovers and right dozens of books. Perhaps her most famous work was g. G the stage adaptation of which helped to launch audrey hepburn's

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