Josephine Baker Is 1st Black Woman Given Paris Burial Honor

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Josephine baker at the american born dancer and singer who rose to fame after moving to paris in the nineteen twenties. We'll have resting place. Bakers remains to be moved to the pantheon muslim. For some of france's most distinguished citizens rebecca rosman reports that the honor make speaker the first black woman to be insured there in a statement. A french government spokesperson baker as a quote. Great lady who loved france. The beloved dancer singer and member of the lizzy stoneless was born in missouri in one thousand nine hundred six but moved to paris in the nineteen twenties as part of a wave of black americans who came to the french capital just after world war. One baker was famous for saying she had to love my country and paris baker. Who died in nineteen seventy five and is currently buried in. Monaco will be moved to the pantheon. In a ceremony held on november thirtieth her induction to the pantheon means she will be joined alongside other french. National heroes including malik kelly at example dumas and voltaire

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