Officials Urge Killing of Invasive Spotted Lanternfly

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If you live on the east coast of the us especially in new york or pennsylvania and see a visually striking spotted lantern fly. The state governments would like you to forget any humane ideas about carefully moving it from one spot to another and instead to immediately kill it the spotted lantern fly is an invasive pest that is not native to the us and apparently is threatening to over seventy of the plant species that feeds on feeds on meaning draining sap and leaving them weakened and vulnerable to disease among those species. Is the atlantis autism or tree of heaven which the new york times points out is best known as the tree from betty. Smith's nineteen forty-three novel. A tree grows in brooklyn but this pernicious beast who has delicate grey wings spotted in black with a bonus set of bright red wings also spotted with black underneath. I arrived in the us from asia seven years ago and entered new york city last year. During the pandemic environmentalists ecologists are encouraging people to kill the bugs site because they have no natural predators here and no organic pesticides that can take them out here. New york the department of agriculture is additionally asking people to submit the location where you found the lantern fly on their website in pennsylvania. If you're caught moving the insect from one location to another you could be fined. Abort from the destruction these little lantern flies could cause on native species. Governments are being so intense because they know that the lantern flies are quite striking. They're not the kind of bug most people would want to kill. Unlike some other invasive species like the asian longhorn beetle that caused a massive deforestation throughout new york in the late nineties. According to the new york times

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