The Fear Mongering Seen Today by Biden and the Media Over COVID


With Fox and I went on a network and I'm going to say where. But I remember doing a segment on He bother Ebola virus. Remember Ebola when we had a case that was in Texas, right, Jim that the Ebola case was, Yeah, I was in Texas. And I specifically remember one of the bookers at the network saying, Hey, listen, You know it was if I needed to be told this, but they were like, you know, let's stay calm. Let's see if I was going to go on the air. Everyone's gonna die like I don't do. That's not my bag of donuts, you know? But I remember that that was, but they even scolded and chastised Joe Biden when Joe Biden remember was at the outbreak of Was it H one n one. Or remember that where Joe Biden went and said, Don't fly on planes. It's recycled there And then, Um, Obama's press secretary, Jay Carney, comes out here. Then they actually made him look like it is there like, please don't listen to the vice president. He's a moron, all right. They didn't say that. Exactly. But trust me, that's exactly what they were saying. No, I'm serious. I know this is hard to digest now, because you're like, Wait. Now it's completely different. Biden and everybody else Where a mask. Fauci panic all the time. The media we gotta panic. Everybody is dying, right? You can't even remember a time with Ebola and H one n one and even HIV back in the eighties, I was alive for that. So it's Jim. So it was Mike. I remember that was a virus with a 100% fatality rate back then. One of everybody who got it essentially died. Coronavirus for healthy young people has like a 1 to 2% tops for younger folks. Fatality rate HIV had a 100% fatality rate. And in the beginning, nobody knew how it was spread. It took a while for them to figure it out. It was sexually transmitted And folks even back then the panic wasn't like it is now. Think about that at 100% fatality rate. I remember

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