Justin Trudeau has won a third term


Mike Thank you Caroline while Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has won a third term in a snap election but he fell short of regaining the majority he was seeking Bloomberg's theater has more from Ottawa Trudeau will need to continue relying on the minor parties to press ahead with his agenda But while he will have a stable government he won't have a strong mandate For a second straight term he lost the popular vote to the conservatives The result reflects a nation that's unsure about its immediate future amid a fourth wave of the pandemic And it's unwilling to give Trudeau full reign in Ottawa I'm the genus Bloomberg daybreak Europe The U.S. will soon open air travel to Britons and most of a foreigners from November as long as they're fully vaccinated against COVID The travel industry praised the move and European airlines shares rallied after the news but The White House pointed to stricter testing rules and a new contract tracing regime And anti vaccination protests have forced Melbourne's construction industry to shut down Bloomberg's Georgina Mackay has more Melbourne's construction industry will close for at least two weeks after violent protests swept through the CBD Monday There are concerns that extremist groups have infiltrated the union movement and are behind anti vaccination protests in the city Melbourne saw violent anti lockdown demonstrations over the weekend And on Monday hundreds of construction workers protested against the state government's orders to enforce mandatory COVID vaccinations for people employed in the industry The crabs gathered again Tuesday protesting the shutdown that will impact much of the state In Sydney I'm Joe Jenna Mackay Bloomberg daybreak Europe

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