UN Climate Change Report: It's Not Too Late to Control Global Warming

Short Wave


Becky. The main thing. I took away from the big. Un climate report last week was that climate change is accelerating which is really scary. Because it makes it feel like we're running out of time to control the speed and severity of global warming. Yeah totally and we can put some terrifying numbers behind that scary feeling right so the earth is already almost two degrees. Fahrenheit hotter than it wasn't late eighteen hundreds The rate of warming since nineteen seventy is the fastest in two thousand years. The same goes for sea level rise. It's accelerated since the nineteen seventies ex but the science also makes it clear that it is not too late to control global warming. So we're living through a really exciting moment because everything that humans do now when it comes to climate change will have impacts for the rest of our lives. But why is that like. Why should this moment feel exciting. Instead of dreadful to be clear it can feel both ways like a good climate therapist. Okay go on yes. But here's the case for why it's exciting so the earth is on track for catastrophic warming right now so if humans don't cut greenhouse gases quickly we could see five six even seven feet of sea level rise on average by the end of the century but the flip side of that is that if humans do basically stop burning oil and gas and coal this decade next decade. Then that doesn't happen and yeah that's going to be really really hard. But under that scenario sea levels rise a lot more slowly and they max out at maybe a foot which is a huge difference. Right if we're thinking about kids who are in elementary school right now. In coastal cities all around the world. We'd be saving them from life changing sea level rise this same goes for other impacts from climate change. You know if adults alive today can manage to virtually stop burning fossil fuels in the next twenty years or so. Life looks a lot less polluted a lot less dangerous for kids. Who are alive today.

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