Aspirin May Help Treat Aggressive Breast Cancer


Breast cancer scientists. The Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester here in the UK say the commonly used painkiller could be employed to make tumors, which are hard to treat more responsive to anti cancer drugs. Starting a trial to see if the painkiller works Health correspondent Simon Dettman reports around one in five breast cancers are triple negative. It's the type that hormone treatment and most targeted cancer drugs don't work against, and it disproportionately affects those aged under 40 and black. They face a treatment combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy that can come with side effects. If the clinical trial in humans using aspirin is successful, it could boost the effectiveness of the immunotherapy drug, a value map, which helps immune system target and attack cancer. Charles and Animals have been successful Doctor and Armstrong. The trial leads says that inexpensive aspirin combined with immunotherapy could ultimately provide a safe, new way to treat breast cancer. Simon Deadman. Let's get the

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