Canada Legalizes Single-Game Sports Betting

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When it comes sports betting canada just past see to eighteen into law which allows what we call single game betting up but before this particular bill. Canada had sports betting but was a different kind of sports betting. Can you explain what. Canada had before this passage of the new law. Sure we it. Basically what it was because the restriction the criminal code said. You can't bet on the outcome of a single sporting events and so Gimme candid kind. Grew out of Provincial lottery corporations these government agencies that often lottery products and those companies those organizations evolved to some offering casinos and building casinos to now online offerings The lowest part of this was a sports product sports. We always refer to sports lottery in lottery. Bamyan opera words for me because They're mostly selling it a three-game parlays As a minimum bet and you know the margins really good Which means the customer really didn't like it very much and and so that park was doing you know total wages book five hundred million a year and hadn't really grown hadn't really evolved much But the can't in canada because of the growth hormone gaming we have what we often referred to as a very strong gray market because the laws in canada around internet gaming want clear and weren't clear from a couple of a lot of corporations were free to get into the business. And maybe i can be larry corporation to their plano dot com jerry robust platform It's it's They do a really good job. The very good sports. I they just don't have seen in denver and others haven't had much on sports product at all but online gaming grew and you should canada's our law talked about the provinces having jurisdiction over gaming within their jurisdictions and it's the within the jurisdiction so i go to bed three six five and we're and i place my bet. Well my placing it in stoke-on-trent uk me in my living room where i live in toronto and the laws not clear and and most lawyers legal opinions were offering no. It's actually probably not occurring in canada and which means can't enforce the laws extra-territorially so there was this version gray market to the tune of a total hanikos. Gross wager on sports alone was over. Four billion annually You know gaming and in sports together officer companies are making about a billion dollars. A year. I can and no one was doing.

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