California Gubernatorial Hopeful Larry Elder Has Some Sharp Words for Gavin Newsom


Gavin. Newsom is hurling her hurtling slings and arrows. larry elder's way. I think he's over the target. Here he is author attorney documentary filmmaker. You haven't seen uncle tom. What have you been waiting for and off air now. normally you're syndicated radio host. Who just might have to move to sacramento the one only great elderski joins us on the mike gallagher. Show larry how the heck are you my friend michael. I'm really doing well and thank you so much for inviting me on your show. Thank you for your support for my candidacy. Can i tackle some of the things that were in that. Yes i want to do that. I want you to respond to that but before we do that. Have we gotten hughhewitt off the fence yet. I thought i would shame him into endorse with my five dollar campaign. contribution to elect elder dot com. Did it work. It did work on his show yesterday. And even before i came on this show he Endorsement so whatever you did work so keep it up. Good now regarding regarding some of the things that cnn said we're virtually no political experience okay. Gavin newsom was a two term governor Bayer of san francisco eight years. Lieutenant governor two years as governor and look we got rising crime rising homelessness outrageous cost of living a schools. That don't work for the first time. We have a net migration out of the state of california. He's slammed down this date while ignoring science while accusing other people of being anti science annot scrutiny. Are you kidding me. Every single day some story comes up that either idea or allegedly did but by the way did you know that there was a temporary restraining order filed against a guy named larry elder a by a woman and her mother turns out different. Larry elder different birth date Somebody who lives in the city and this is about. I'm a trump supporter mike. I haven't voted for a democrat since one thousand nine hundred seventy six. That was jimmy. Carter and i regret that. One of the call me a mitt romney supporter or george w bush supporter. Or george. Herbert walker bush supporter. Because they know that trump and california's four letter word. I was in law school. Mike you learned that the law was on your side. You count on the law. The factor on your side. You count on the facts if neither law nor the on your side you pound on the table and that is what they're doing because they cannot ascend this man

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