Halle Berry Sued by Former UFC Fighter, Cat Zingano, Over Movie


This is very sweet when you know to get a finish. Um uh um You know, I've always loved getting the finish. I've always loved that thrill of the quit. That's a former UFC fighter who is suing Halle Berry TMZ reporting that Cat Zingano says that Barry didn't follow through with her promise to give her a movie role. The lawsuit claims that Barry told Zingano to keep her schedule clear in 2019 because she was perfect for the film. Barry is directing its called bruised The fighter claims to have turned down a big fight with the U. S. C and Zingano never got the part. So she's not suing for damages to get it in writing, and we talked about yesterday for the first time we had reported that Halle Berry was getting this is her directoral

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