Pastor Greg Locke's Popularity Has Exploded Because He Speaks Bold Truths


Pastor greg tell us first of all what. What is the website for your church. Quick before i forget it. Globovision bc bible church dot com global vision. Bbc dot com. How long have you been pastoring. where did you grow up. I grew up here in hometown. A profit not without honor but in his own country led jesus said but it was a tiny little five thousand person town and then it's just exploded. We're kind of like the last bedroom community here in nashville came back home in two thousand and six so fifteen years ago. I started the church from from scratch. And now we're in a three thousand seat tenant and people just keep showing up because somebody saying something. And god's given us a voice to the nation so thank god for it well. This is what. I have noticed that. Those pastors who've been particularly heroic and bold their churches have exploded. Because there's a there's a hunger for this out there even among nonbelievers or among people that they don't believe it. But i don't really go to church. People are really hungry for this. So i find it kind of funny that the free market sometimes does really wonderful things I mean it you know if you have a virtuous population they will choose virtuous and good things and that seems to be what's happening. We know that our friends in california jack hibs and others their churches have gone up. The numbers have gone up speaking a cornerstone chapel in virginia. In a few days they've experienced a similar thing. When did you decide to kinda get bold on. This stuff was there. It was there a moment for you. Was it During the last few years when did you decide to be outspoken. And become a target of people who just don't like bold people the damn kind of broke for me in two thousand fifteen when the supreme court made their ridiculous decision for same sex marriage and so i did a video called. I'm coming out of the closet and that was it. I mean we went from five thousand followers fifty thousand followers to the blue checkmark and pretty soon two hundred and fifty five hundred million and then of i started fighting target over the transgender bathroom nonsense and planned parenthood just back and forth with them and so it just seemed like controversy began to build the ministry and jumped on the trump train literally because i did a couple of bus tours for mike lyndale and some others and so it just seems like every time i would just i would say something people would resonate and they would say you are saying what we are pastors would

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