Ruth Wisse and Eric Discuss Liberals' Perceived Victimhood and Apathy


Strikes me that the left in america has fallen in love with with with victimhood. And that they they don't like celebrating sometimes because it almost implies within we haven't suffered enough we want you to focus on are suffering as though something's gained by that you're saying that's not how people learn. It's not a good thing but you see that narrative surely in in american life in the latter part of the the twentieth century just kind of took over and people they wanna wallow they wanna be victims. They wanna remind you of how much they've suffered because it gives them some kind of perverse status. Well that may be true of some people. But you know what i saw. When i was teaching at harvard actually was something quite different. knowle's troubling but very different people didn't wanna fight and what surprised me most about harvard and all the twenty one years that i taught there i became involved in faculty meetings as i had never been before when i was at mcgill and And i saw that there was. They refused to let. Rotc the reserve officer training corps. That had always been at the basis of higher education. There was always training of the best and the brightest young people during precisely the age when you have to go into the arm right. That's the hr so with their. The there was for for forty years forty years right. The faculty of harvard kept rossi off the campus. They did everything. They kept changing the rationale for keeping it on campus so as not to allowed on campus. What is that about what they were actually saying to. These kids is forgive me but this is the way i understood it. America is not worth defending. Of course that's exactly what they're saying. It's worse than that. They were saying that. America is bad. And they're saying that. Any kind of militarism or i should say any kind of self-defence is militarism is a step away from the quagmire of vietnam and chest thumping Jingoism i mean. That's where the left has been for a long time. It breaks my heart but this is all through the culture. Obviously just places like harvard.

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