Polls Open for Tight Election in Canada


Welcome back america. Here here salena zito is my guest. She is america's columnists you can read everything that she writes it. Selena zito dot com. We talk over the weekend about something that i'm not going to tell you about unless you can tell me about it. Selena can you tell me about it. I can't carry about it yet. All right believe in there. Tell me about justin trudeau. You just wrote a common. The new york post that is about justin trudeau. Who by the end of the day. I hope is the for their voting today aren't they they are. They're voting today and it's really interesting sort of what's happening there for the benefit of the steelers fans. We're talking about canada. Well my family have. We had a place up there for over seventy years. So i know a little bit about avian Probably the only one in pittsburgh go ahead. They lost yesterday. I'm happy happy happy. I got some heat on twitter from. I got rolled by yesterday. And he said you know east. Ohio watches the pittsburgh steelers. And i wrote back. Yeah so they loved him lose like yesterday. But you go ahead and tell us about canada so Trudeau coli snap election In august in. Interestingly enough he called it the day that these the polls came out that canadians gave him very high marks on his vaccines distribution. And they should have. They have the best vaccine distribution as a country in the world however they did not like that. He decided to call this snap election. Why because first of all there's very strict lockdowns in in canada. And so they believe that he was. It was irresponsible for him to do in the middle of a pandemic after being lectured forever about not doing anything and all the set now he wants everyone to go out and vote and the reason he wants everyone to go out and so is because he had he had High marks in the polling but You know that didn't transfer that didn't stay because people people look at it as like you're doing this because you want a majority government.

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