The Radical Story PBS Journalist Yamiche Alcindor Wanted to Get Across


PBS has promoted alcindor to a prominent post And she was at The White House briefing today And here's what she had to say cut 9 go Respectfully I understand that you are disposed person for the president These are images that are traumatizing Haitian Americans that he promised to treat respectfully and with humanity Why isn't the president telling people himself these images that people say look like slavery are wrong Okay hold on Who are the people that say it looks like slavery Waters and some others Is listening to Lauren Jones Lawrence Jones this guy is a rising star if not a star on Fox African American Sharp dude He said slavery slavery These people are coming into our country violating our law they're coming voluntarily There's nothing here about slavery They could turn around and leave And Dimitri I'll send her nose That the horses are used and that these are not whips by now she knew by the afternoon at that press briefing that those were not whips that Haitians were not being whipped And that horses are used to control areas and rivers and so forth because they can't get vehicles down there The border patrol is overwhelmed They're doing their best She also knows she also knows that the border patrol is feeding people getting them water Trying to provide them with some of these these portable potties and so forth That what they're doing is enormously humane But that's not the picture you meet our cinder a radical Democrat dressed up as a PBS journalist wants to get across

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