The Camp Quinebarge Disaster

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Camp quine barge. Great name has been in business for eighty five years so pretty sediment in being successful or without scandal. Yeah but the camp charged thirty four hundred dollars ahead and shuts down overnight counselors. Were playing spin the bottle with the kids. Oh boy in. Edible food served on dirty dishes and dozens were left in tears. Board and devastated enclosed. After six days those are all very wildly different reactions like left in tears board and devastated so the summer sleep way camp. They're charged thirty four hundred dollars for two weeks. Abruptly closed after several staff. Members were fired. And campers complained to the parents about the poor conditions and different than fire fest. In the sense that it was a camp with a reputation. Yeah wasn't their first rodeo. Yeah but things went wrong in a fire fest. Ish way. Okay on july second executive director eric. Carlson told parents that camp quine barge would be closed indefinitely due to the lack of staff and problems. Its food supplier and to come pick up their kids immediately again. This all cording to the boston globe all praise the boston globe. This came one day. After directors issued a message to parents saying the past couple of days have been a bit rough but despite the challenges campus were safe and overwhelmingly having a good time okay. Overwhelmingly used very loosely. A mother with two children at the camp who wanted to remain anonymous told the daily mail dot com that her concerns live with the camps lack of communication when issues of safety rose shortages of staff proper food. Children getting physically assaulted by their campers. Kids getting sick without parents. Knowing staff members acting inappropriately with the campers by discussing their sex lives or playing games like spin the bottle. I don't think i could play that with an adult. Yeah it's just like it's just i can't do. It's just too uncomfortable. It's gross. it's gross. She emphasized at the camp to records failed to actively communicate with the parents about the issues. One father who requested anonymity claims he found a note son's pocket days after the camp closed reading almost like dear diary. We have been in tears board and devastated the whole day. The camp director is lying to you. All you have to trust us you have to. We are not joking and we're not having fun so many things are wrong with this

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