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Bad Voltage


Glorious bad voltage listeners. Welcome to season three episode. Oh goodness off on the number thirty three off to all the threes season three episode of voltage recorded on tuesday. The third of august twenty. One all right. that is a lot of threes. i know. I i i show you. It's going sorry. I would like to think that we this five six years ago but we didn't so i'm today we have no john. We don't on holiday gag again. it's like. I remember holidays. There was things you had before the pandemic bright old although it defense our our with adult body for weekends. That's i mean that's not a proper holiday but it's something it was. It was really nice. That's how got it was just so cold. I had of work and brilliant. I sent you a picture from the top. I did yes so on this show. We've couplets budgets as news. But it's going to be an old new show and then i'm one of the things we had it in as a news item. We think we're going to turn into a show win. Jonah's back opposed two of them so cute. You always paid for that two weeks. And now he will be quite excited about the near and dear to his virtual heart but first of all. Let's talk about the news so the first bond Which i thought was. I'm sort of music with museums. You at the end of it. China has apparently branded. Online games is being like electronic drugs. So i'm tencent huge company. Now have advocating honor of kings and apparently the chinese government have said the students applying for up twenty hours a day and they've also for more curbs on the industry and they said quote no industry. No sport can be allowed to develop a way to destroy a generation. They said i'm describing describes being spiritual opium the spiritual opium was was an interesting one. I i am not a china analyst but there's a lot going on between deedee and tencent we head and just a whole bunch so there's a lot to unpack here. What i found most interesting about the stories that you put it in the funny been i. I'm just the spiritual opium that gotcha. Those electric drugs things. But i'm adopted a low literally drugs as a thing started. We first of all soloviev charter policy. And secondly i was king dot com. Be quite worried about other games are quite addicting for some folks. This is the students blamed up to twenty hours. A day. i agree with you. And i agree. This is potentially published. Just the government. Pet to go. Wigan do something about that our government knows so i i honestly don't i is this. We need to have a much longer discussion about as you say all the things guide on savings this how corporations can do what they like. They like not vast nawab not they are taking a much different. Approach this is. I'm not no gilded age. It's going to be interesting to say watkins. Yes i'm next thing. So jeff bezos and sir richard branson you. You may have heard both went to space but the faa says they might not actually be astronauts because would be astronauts must have quote demonstrated activities during the flight that were essential public safety or contributed to human space flight safety. Imagine neither of them are chuffed about the hospital. The thing i liked about this the reasons here the funny section is not because that's the explanation as because the faa chains definition to be off to. They both come back from is so it was like okay.

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