Biden Calls Xi as US-China Relationship Grows More Fraught


Us president joe biden has held a lengthy phone conversation with his chinese counterpart xi jinping the first time the leaders from the world's most powerful countries have talked in seven months. A white house statement said both men had discussed. The responsibility of both nations to ensure competition does not veer into conflicts. Let's get more on this now with former. Us diplomat. Louis lukens lose now. A senior partner at the consultancy cigna global. Good afternoon to you lou and tell us this phone call after a hiatus does he represent a real meaningful breakthrough in your view. Hey tom i think it's too early to tell. If this is a meaningful breakthrough. But i think it is significant. As you mentioned there was a quite a height as they hadn't spoken the two leaders for seven months and this book for ninety minutes yesterday which include interpretation that that's forty five minutes of substantive discussion so it's meaningful in the sense that it's important. The leaders of these two countries communicate and talk and try to find areas that they can cooperate and work together. And that's what joe biden has been trying to. Do i think so whether this results in a ratcheting down of tension. I think remains to be seen. But it's certainly a step in the right direction

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