Novak Djokovic Knocks on the Door of a Very Exclusive Club


Today in New York, and some of the most legendary players won't be there because of injury. Serena Williams. Venus Williams, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Meanwhile, Novak Djokovic, the third member of the so called Big Three, is trying to become the first man ever to win 21 Grand Slam titles and the first man since 1969 to win all four majors in the same calendar. You almost Frank Lindsay caught up with the New York Times tennis correspondent Chris Clary. You just released a new book about Roger Federer called the Master Chris before we get into the book itself. I wanted to get your sense. Is this it? Are we finally at the end of the era of the Big Three. The end that we know will come eventually, and we've been talking about for years now, you know, Frank, I think we are. You know, it's sort of it's sort of snuck up on us. Could say it snuck up on us quickly or gradually, But I mean, I think the big three as we've known them Federer, Nadal and Djokovic just routine legal and deepen slams Now that Roger's tried to come back from his Third knee surgery and ended up not working. I think you have to say that era is over. Now you've been if Roger manages to come back against the eyes of place, or I don't see him being a regular factor with just those two guys at the top anymore, So it was a tremendous period of time in tennis history. I think it is over. And now we're looking at Least for now, Novak Against the younger generation until that going for one of the ultimate achievement sport, not just tennis a true Grand Slam. And he had a bunch of talented young guys who are going to try to hold him off. Do you think as he's dealing with this

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