Surprising Diabetes Friendly Plant-Based Foods


Detroit. Dennis thank you so very much for being here and thank you for having me check. And i'm glad i'm really glad that you're here too because the list of foods that we're gonna get into today if correct me if i'm wrong. These are the foods that a lotta people when they're first diagnosed with diabetes. These are some that they get taken out right away. Yes yes conventionally you know. It is said that removed the sugars from your diet and sell. I'm glad to talk about how we can at the right type of sugars to the diet right. I like the way that you put the right type of sugar because yes yeah one sugar does not fit. All there are many kinds. So let's just jump right in here number ten. I think that a lot of people are going to be excited to see this. One beings peas and lentils. Talk to me about these and the effect that they would have on some of them with diabetes. Yes i'll really. All those that are on. The list are high in fighter and we know that fiber is really good. You know or not just choir digestive of things but it really helps with stabilizing the blood. Sugar and beans are very high in fiber. So please at though to your plate in many ways you can have it at the salad you can have it cooked And i love chick. Peas that are roasted very delicious. Oh that's right roasted chickpeas and by the way you see them in the store all the time. A lot of those have a lot of added oil to them. And so that's going to up the fat content but chippings or something that are really easy to roast in. Your oven means breezy Some like a soil files low-sodium. Soy sauce are liquid amino acids to in the oven about four hundred resource bad or hundred about twenty minutes

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