The Bizarre, Incoherent Contradiction of 'the Pandemic of the Unvaccinated'


A dawned on me as john. Edwards wrote this terrific piece in the new york post about the incoherent bizarre contradiction. You do realize that the whole point in calling this the pandemic of the unvaccinated the whole point insane we've gotta protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. The whole point of the poor little old lady shrieking at me in the elevator the other day because she's got her mask on and i don't and she's vaccinated is that they don't believe in the effectiveness of the vaccine. That's the dirty little secret. They don't believe the vaccine works. And frankly with all the cases rising. I can understand people thinking that now. What we got to remember is if you're vaccinated. You're not likely to wind up in the hospital. If you get covert and you're vaccinated. That's the point of the vaccine was to prevent severe illness and death. And if you accept the ninety nine percent number. The people of the people dying from kobe today. Ninety nine percent of them are unvaccinated. You may not accept that number and that's okay you get to accept you can reject accept whatever you want to accept if you agree that most people who are dying of cogan are unvaccinated than that should give you some comfort in believing that the vaccine works but not joe biden as john says. How do you start out. Saying i'm going to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated but don't worry fully vaccinated. People are incredibly low risk. This is a cluster. This is a disgrace.

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