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Picking up the pace of evacuations. I'm Steve Rapoport, Fox News president Biden says the U. S evacuated 11,000 Americans from Afghanistan over the weekend. Speaking in the Roosevelt Room, the president said his administration is reaching out to Americans in Afghanistan to determine their locations. Executing a plan to move groups of these Americans to safety and to safely and effectively move them to the airport compound. For security reasons. I'm not going to go into the detail what these plans and tail. The president said he's aware that terrorists including Isis and Isis K, may try to exploit the security situation. Afghan allies who are being evacuated or not being sent directly to the US, they'll be screened in third countries and cleared first foxes Rachel Sutherland at the White House. There are reports of Taliban fighters harassing Afghans at Kabul's airport, one source telling Fox that his wife's teeth were knocked out by a Taliban fighter. After they were stopped at a checkpoint. This among really concerning reports about the way in which documents are being handled by the Taliban, who now control the entirety of Kabul, Afghanistan, Foxes trade Yingst Tropical storm Andrea losing speed and strength after making landfall in Rhode Island, But officials caution the system remains a serious threat. I think that we're still going to see impacts across the region while we haven't seen again the wind damage is that we could have seen again as we go inland into the mountainous areas that have already seen a tremendous Arana rain over the last couple of weeks. This additional rain is just going to cause more flooding inland. FEMA administrator Deanne Chris Well on Fox News Live. Officials in Tennessee confirmed severe flooding killed at least 22

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