A highlight from Ep. 1329 - The Americans Who Get Left Behind


Three thousand customers were without power in orleans county while about eleven thousand were without power in plans perish south of the city before the outage new orleans energy said that based on historical restoration times people in the direct path of the storm could be without power for as long as three weeks which is humanitarian disaster in its own right the generators are not going to be sufficient obviously for that amount of power. The the hurricane has at this point slowed in speed both in terms of the wind speed as well as the pace of movement overland. It's now down to about sixty miles. An hour as opposed to one hundred and fifty when i hit land so hopefully it will continue to weaken and And the biden administration is saying that they will be there for whatever. Support is necessary. Here's the president. Yesterday we've already pre-positioned resources that we know are going to be needed and equipment and response teams in the region. This includes two point. Five million males is three million leaders of water. We've got generators in place and we're in close touch with the power providers to get and restore power as soon as possible because a lot of a lot of it's going to go out and we should be prepared that it can take a long time no matter how much we've pre-position which we have that is going to take a long time for a lot of to get back up. It could take your matter weeks for some places now. The good news. Is that the levees in new orleans so far have held. Apparently the infrastructure fixes that were done in the aftermath of trina have so far been solids will continue to bring you the latest on that situation obviously meanwhile debacle in afghanistan is coming to its semi terminus tomorrow. It is scheduled to do so an all. American troops are withdrawn from afghanistan. Leaving behind hundreds of thousands of american citizens and american greenheart hold a green card holders and certainly tens or hundreds of thousands of people who worked with the united states government during the last twenty years. Joe biden for his part continues to not answer questions. It's it's an amazing thing. In the the fact that that joe biden willnot answer simple questions about what's going on in afghanistan were were currently going to be leaving behind again. Hundreds of thousands of american citizens and certainly thousands of american green card holders. It's pretty astonishing. See yesterday while he was making his announcements about hurricane ida a reporter asked about afghanistan and he simply refused to answer the question and then sort of turned his back on them. I'm not. I'm not supposed to take any questions. Go ahead on afghanistan dylan. Oh that's unbelievable. I'm sorry that's unbelievable. He's the president of the has no place to go. He's simply just turns his back on the reporter. That's amazing and then he actually directed the wrong direction starts to walk off in the wrong direction. And that's to walk back in the other direction. This president is not competent is not with. It is certainly not capable of running the country at this point in time. That is perfectly obvious. And then in a in a bit of a buckle yesterday that is being under covered by the media because if were donald trump you know it would be the entire It's amazing if this were donald. Trump should be the entire new cycle endlessly because remember that there was an entire news cycle during the last election cycle over whether donald trump had visited a world war one cemetery in europe and at the time had made disparaging remarks about america's fallen soldiers members an entire political news cycle and the atlantic had covered news. Jeffrey goldberg over. The atlantic covering and it was all unnamed sources imagine if donald trump had gone to dover air force base to do the dignified transfer of bodies of the american service. People had been killed in afghanistan and imagine if he looked at his watch. Really this is kind of an amazing story. So this is not speculative. Here's the video you can decide for yourself. What joe biden is doing. Here is hitching asleep to me. He looks like he's deliberately looking down at his watch and then realizing he shouldn't be looking his watch while waiting for the bodies l'americain service members who are dead because his afghanistan policy. That's an amazing. The and the media have thus far really not covered it. imagine if it were donald trump right. The callousness is the point. The cruelty is the point but joe biden who structuring afghanistan policy so absolutely incoherent that certainly tens of thousands of people are going to be slaughtered by the taliban certainly americans are going to go get left behind and now he's at a place specifically first of all there's a general rule if you go to dover air force base to do the dignified transfer of troops to be present for that. You don't let the cameras in right. The george bush famously did that. George w bush famously went in the middle of the night to dover air force base in china talks about this use his press secretary she talks about the fact that george w. bush would go to dover air force base quietly and without the cameras there to do the dignified transfer biden shows up cameras in tow and even then he can't keep it together long enough not to apparently look at his watch. I don't know what else to take from that. I haven't even heard an excuse from the white house. What he was doing there because in the video is pretty. I mean. i've looked at my watch from time to time.

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