California's Eviction Moratorium Ends On Thursday


Starting tomorrow a moratorium on evictions ends in california it was in place because of cova but now millions of tenants are wondering. What's next for them. Here's kate wolf from member station k. Q. e. d. after eighteen months of protections. Legislators say there isn't political will to extend the eviction moratorium but people won't be kicked out right away as the deadline approaches. California governor gavin newsom points to a grace period in the expiring law for low income tenants who apply for rental assistance. They are addiction. Protections that deny any court action to appear that extends through march thirty first of twenty twenty two however according to census data from this month over nine hundred thousand californians. Feel not at all confident that they will be able to pay. Rent this october lawrence crawford and his wife. Vanessa are among them. Before the pandemic vanessa worked in a salon and lawrence was a restaurant server. They've been struggling to with trying to get unemployment from the state. We're driving yourselves kinda like you know. Take care of trying to work but it costs money to do all these things. My unemployment's not there. The to live in downtown san jose with their son after months of struggling to pay their rent in piecemeal they applied for the state's rent relief program this summer but they haven't received anything and rent is coming. Do you pay by the fifth. And i don't think we're going to have it. So they'll probably start the eviction process in all they. Oh twenty three thousand dollars in background. Technically since the crawford's are still waiting for rent relief. They can't be evicted yet. California has only given out a small percentage of the seven point. Two billion dollars it set aside for aid state and local governments have been extremely slow to distribute the funds but a spokesperson with a state agency overseeing the process says it's speeding up. Meanwhile both renters and landlords are feeling the

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