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Crib on its sandbags. Bala rope steel club. Macy's safe temps off air thing going on it dot com slash fighter temps off the best supplements in the world. How you doing brian good. Hey hey six nicotine patches in the fucking your they. Don't clean it out here every day and so i believe this and i really want to say this six is too much. That's over like days do. I'm here so i promise that's the days they don't clean it up. Don't put six just got into it with the landlord here chin. There's no way a cleaning crew comes every day. There's no way. I leave shit out on purpose if they come. They don't come so you don't put six at the. He's got them all some residue everywhere. Yeah is there always have nicotine in your always when you slowly. I see nicotine. Do you really know you. But when do you stop doing it. When i get home sometimes. Yeah yeah nothing to me is better than that died. Dr pepper nicotine at night. Really watch my shows snack. He's yeah snacky you'd my drinks at the end of the day. It's addictive no doubt problem. You have addiction now. I could stop if i want to dig personality. Oh yeah you stop and then you get a little chevy for the first legal cold turkey you might get chevy you might just start shoving us around just the white t today Yeah yeah hey. We got this graphic libra. You got bruce lee pants up. Oh always naturally just. Today i went. I'm going simple Yeah everyday you never like today. It's often it's going to be met gala well in my car. I do have a button-down for me. If it's like a long sleep to wear. I bought a like this. I had some money throw to. I'd fifteen hundred dollars in cash. Cash always fun. Vegas something about things and i. I don't gamble. But i am walking by john barbados. Ooh yeah and i and i walk into. I like their shoes. I like all this stuff. And they had like howard stern when you wear but whatever. They had a wax a linen shirt. That was waxed. It was a waxed lynch like a jacket. It looks really good on the model. it looks good right. It actually looks good on me. Here's the problem we'll see. Here's the problem. Colors are black. Yeah the problem is i might be a tad too old very old wax. That unless you're ozzy osbourne it's tough to pull out. Dave grohl shops there april huge rockstar. But they're like the same age. Yep i get it. I get it but darryl a rockstar. Chapelle would he touches the stage thank you. He's he's wrong. No that was unity in america right. Yeah he's getting black and white many keeps us on our side. Yeah yet is tough to wear that stuff. The problem is i gotta get a convertible yellow. Corvette you weren't john bravados. Yes young chick in the shotgun. I'm wearing that. I got a pair of designer jeans. On and i had my cold and coups and i just looked great and jed your who is the owner of the forty niners looked at me and said now. Are you twenty five. Or and i was like. That's a billionaire. Yeah he's right. Yeah it's just not your and also the other hair was better you pull it off. I'm being shaded. Yeah i like that. You try though i you give then it does. And here's just that here's the other problem. It's weird thing. I have when i have zippers and buttons and i have. I can't move. I feel restricted and it seems like work to wear a lot. It's a lot comfort and he got watch. What have you ever seen me. were watching. no because it's it. Oh i know it feels dude either. You know no accessories you want to know similar on the fucking unity. Now this is erica real america. And you're trying to divide the media. Like i like attention not the truth. Yep blocked finally hit in his out of no. Nothing makes me happier. When i go to watch his show and the netflix like. Oh just released the love on a spectrum season to go with autism. Yeah

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