The Steele Dossier, Explained


Have a lot of younger listeners. That quite honestly weren't that involved in politics when this was unfolding so just kind of walk us through that again. The significance the unprecedented nature of this. The chuck schumer like passive aggressive warning. Sign in january of seventeen on rachel maddow show right the donald trump accurately saying that. I'm being spied on people's laughing at him. Walk us through the timeline of all this. I think it'd be helpful as i get to. The topic i really want is your in on. Which is durham. Yeah sure are so. Look these investigations as a former federal prosecutor who did national security cases. You know these things take time. You have to get approvals from down below in the bowels of the justice department through the attorney general if you're gonna go surveilled someone of this magnitude. And that's for your younger viewers a search warrant to search more. If you're looking at if you're looking at a bank robber or suspected murderer you have to go before a federal judge and you gotta say judge. I think this guy committed this crime. We need to go and look at his bank records. It cellphone records is emails. Phone calls because we think he killed somebody or because we think he robbed the bank and if there's probable cause the judge grants it same thing in this instance just different federal court that deals with spy and basically what the hillary clinton campaign did was. They spent tens of millions of dollars to collect false information from this guy. Christopher steele will use to be a british intelligent asset. If you can believe it later turned. Fbi informant. i mean. You can't make this up. I never understood this. Where the heck did this tens of how. How on earth did they spend. Tens of millions of dollars. I've never never understood that. Sure so one of the things that we were able to do on house intel. Even though paul ryan didn't want us to do it was subpoenaed. The bank records for this company called fusion. Gps glenn simpson and they were funneling the money through perkins coup which is the democratic ball. And that's what they do. Their job is to be the representatives for the dnc and the hillary clinton campaign so those guys get paid tens of millions of dollars. Money goes into the law firm. The law firm then cuts checks the fusion. Gps for millions of dollars and they go and higher media representatives christopher steele to start putting false smear campaigns against president trump. So they're working. The intelligence apparatus one lane and the media apparatus in another to take on a presidential a presidential

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