How to Protect Your Endocrine Health at All Levels


Maybe we can talk about You know how we can start to look at the the directive factor our health inside our home in where these endocrine disrupters were better known zeno. Astros gins are really found in offense. Certainly the drinking water. Like i mentioned and at activated charcoal is excellent for moving out. If you have a filter you have to make sure it has activated charcoal or sometimes they call it carbon but generally that means activated charcoal they just miss mislabeled carbon could be anything could be diamond strike so filter. Drinking water don't store waters or liquids in plastics preferably Certainly people are gonna do it. You know. I was just traveling on an airplane. You're going to end up with some liquids in plastics. But you don't want to be doing that every day. Ideally minimize your plastics. Good for the environment better for your body. These things do leach in particularly when you're putting hot liquids in plastics especially bad but even room temperature not fan. I don't like when people are putting plastics in room temperature again every day once in a while else. Okay that's not ideal but you're just our culture our environment so you can. The alternative is stainless steel or glass. Those are by far the best. Silicone is also good for baby bottles or something. You might need a straw or lincoln baby bottle nipple or something. Silicone is good. So i think plastics are big one that i see all around people's environments another one of course is personal care products this year really an expert because if you go to walmart and buy the cheap personal care products full of all these estrogen chemicals. So that's really one of the biggest sources. Investors chemicals in most people's daily exposures is the personal care products from the shampoos soaps and stuff goes through your skin. So even though you think you're washing it off. These chemicals prefer to stay on your skin and eventually absorbed through the skin so a huge amount of people's personal care products across america are just garbage. They really need to get rid of

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