The MLB, the Atlantic League and Moving the Mound Experiment


I wrote about moving back in mid march and that was before it was officially announced that the atlantic could be doing that this year. I think that announcement came. I don't know maybe th in the weeks or months after that article came out and this was something that they had talked about doing in twenty nineteen that they were going to implement a two foot move in the mound and the atlantic league at midseason. And that didn't end up happening in the sense that i got when i was working on my piece earlier. This year is that basically. They were worried about players. You know having workman's comp concerns or or having injuries occur and basically that players would not be happy with this change and that there would be a lot of objections and so they didn't end up doing it that year and then they did this year but only half of the distance just a one foot move and even so hit did not go over well so tell us a little bit about what you learned about how players responded to this both when it was announced if they were even aware of it at that time and since it went into effect earlier this month. Yes so it's more than a handful of players. Mostly pitchers are a feel for what it's like to be in this league. Vins experimenting in a way. That in run countermeasure you. Your career aspirations your individual performance and also your health because there's a lot of sixty one foot now and we don't know about regarded to where it goes to your body and your arm health whatnot. And i think it's fair to say that the players are not overly pleased with how the week has shifted when it comes to the sixty one foot mount self. All the pictures basically agree that had been able to adjust and it wasn't a big deal anymore. Now you know. They did mention like similar. Soffer tossing teammates have issues like there are actual effects on each quality men quality. And what have you so. I don't wanna make it sound like there's no difference whatsoever. Just they were overcome those despite some let's say less than i he'll scheduling and logistical aspects to it but what players are really stressed about. Is that yes. The weakest mobis

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