BYU, UCF, Cincinnati, Houston Considered Top Candidates for Big 12 Expansion


A report out this afternoon at Ucf could be headed to the big twelve. I know you're there to do the game. Let that potentially could really have a lot of the effects especially with texas and oklahoma. What what do you make out of that report. That has ucf byu let me. I'm trying to remember. Who else is in that. Cincinnati and houston in that. Yeah lucky me. You just rattled off one powerful independent byu a couple of group of five schools cincinnati. A lot of people think for a playoff spot this year because the schedule and then. Ucs tonight pot. You know gus malzahn. Well i spoke with him yesterday. As part of our coaches call. And it's no secret. Malzahn took this job because he was one a good fit for him but to hey knows that. Ucf is on the verge getting out of that group of five corridor and getting into power. Five football dan stand that the the winds are change. You're going to happen every year. We talked playoff expansion to twelve teams which would benefit. Ucf gus malzahn cincinnati. Luke fickle until. I'm not surprised in the least bit that. Ucf is coveted spot wide. Because it's the state of florida smack down to the central their orlando. There's a lot of talent this team who's is gonna feel tonight has a ton of talent. And so look it's it makes sense if you're in the big twelve and you just lost taxes and you just lost oklahoma. We're going to sit here and say that you're going to replace those brands with cincinnati. Ucf byu in houston but you do get a couple of teams that together can stop that bleeding just enough to still compete and steal it. Pretty competitive conference

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