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Only 23 years old. He had his whole life ahead of them. His family and his friends must now go on and live without it. In August of 2019 Elijah McClain was put into a choke hold and given a heavy dose of the sedative ketamine. He died six days later. Douglas County commissioners are telling the Tri County Health Department it wants out. The end came when Tri County eliminated Doug Coz ability to opt out of mask mandates for small kids. I will tell you as one commissioner, that my view Of Tri County's decision to eliminate the good faith negotiated opt out provision unilaterally was a breach of the agreement that we had with Tri County Health. That's Douglas County Commissioner A Bladen Doug Coe will take the first steps in a meeting next Tuesday to form their own Douglas County Health Department. D A has reopened the bag drop at the Airports Transit Center. It allows passengers to check bags for United, Delta, American and spirits before getting into the terminal. Southwest Customers can start using the bag drop Sunday. It's right near the A line platform. President Biden will visit storm ravaged New Orleans on Friday large portions of Louisiana still without power in the middle of a heat wave after Hurricane Ida. On Wall Street, the Dow was down 48 NASDAQ Up 50 S and P 500 gained a point in sports that come from behind win for the Rockies on the road today against the Rangers, Rockies one at 9 to 5 and Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, starting an investigation into allegations against Bishop Sycamore High School. It was featured on ESPN this past Sunday in a game against elite High School football program I m G Academy and was embarrassed in a 58 to nothing defeat. Reports now say the school has a roster of junior college dropouts and the head coach had an active warrant out for his arrest. Our next news updated 6 30, I'm Cathy Walker on K Away. NewsRadio. 8 50 am in 94 when I totally want to be that girl in a romantic comedy go early. Stay late. Travel stress freaking Celebrate Spike what you're doing, Otis. The Bay Bridge needs a jingle. Yeah, telling people to cross the Bay Bridge early in the morning or late at night. Go early. Stay late. Travel starts freedom so great. Business is on the eastern Shore are thrilled to have you back early and stay late. Get a bridge Traffic updates at the Vita on Twitter or bay bridge dot com. Are

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