Cam Newton Returns to New England Patriots From COVID Protocol


Camp. Dude return to practice today. But it will Patriots did he return to a starting job? That's the question we gave nights went from pretty Coleman. I mean, but Simmons on ESPN Radio ESPN have serious examine Channel Etienne. And gave that is the ultimate question because you look at New York Giants reporters when the Patriots were going ones V ones. And Patrick Graham is a heck of a defensive coordinator for the new for the New York Giants. As a matter of fact, he should be getting looks in the next couple of years. As a head coach. He runs very complex defenses and By all accounts, Mac Jones. Let him up. I mean to lift them up two days ago. Today. Cam Newton returned to practice and they split time. We're the ones and getting their reps. But Mac Jones took a massive opportunity and ran with it. Your reaction Yeah, That's what you want to see. And that for you spent a first round pick on a quarterback when he gets that opportunity, and you didn't know when it was going to come. You don't know how it was going to come for him to take that opportunity and run with it. That's what you want to see. That being said. I still think Cam Newton is going to be starting September 12th. I just feel that he's going to start the season as the number one quarterback for Bill Belichick. I'm excited. Honestly, for Cam in Year two with the New England Patriots, I thought he was gonna be a little bit better a year ago. I still think that there is I mean, the M V P might not still be in there, but I think there's some really good football stealing Cam Newton. I think he's going to show that a little bit

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