Whose Propaganda Is Worse: Biden Administration or the Taliban?


Me show you what else I'm seeing. Bleed into our media here. And that is that, uh, Well, look, uh, the Taliban really do seem to be changing. They're making all kinds of promises. Here. They They say they will work with us after the fact you heard Blinken say it. So what Blinken says the media will regard you take And yet NBC is now reporting this just broke. That the Taliban spokes idiot The spokes. Terrorists said that there's no evidence Osama bin Laden was involved in 9 11. What do you think of that? Mr Producer? There's no evidence Osama bin Laden was involved in 9 11, but we're going to believe this guy when he says for sure. After August 31 you just show up with your papers will let you through. I don't know whose propaganda is worse, the Taliban or the Biden administration. The Taliban or the Biden administration. They're both lying. The bite administration wants you to believe that you can rely on the Taliban, but we're going to be very careful What we know who they are. Yeah, Yeah. They speak out of both sides of the man. We know they're dangerous. We know who they are, but they promised they said, you know. We have to rely on their word. Because that's all they've got The bad administration when they pulled the military at the first time, and they're pulling it out

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