Chief Global and Innovation Officer Sanjeev Shetty Tells Us What Connected Living Is All About


I wanted to quickly take a minute just to talk about connected living who we are and what we've been doing for the past decade or so. So we're based on Quincy masks. We've been around for over ten years, really leading with technology and programs to help communities connect protect and engage residents, families and employees. Regardless of where they live, they could be in a home setting. This would be in any level of living within a senior living lifeline community. Or in a memory care setting, we actually help them connect with families friends, residents and employees. And obviously we've seen this past year, you know, it's been a marathon, but one of the silver linings coming out of it has been just the pace of innovation bread. And we've heard that both some pets and the folks from constant companion mark that innovation has really been in the forefront, whether it's voice for other technologies that have really reshaped the healthcare landscape. And what I wanted to do on this slide is just take a minute to talk about our ecosystem. We at the very core we have a HIPAA compliant cloud based platform what we call as the CMS system. It's a web based admin panel. And what that does is it helps push content out to any of these endpoints that you see around the circle, whether it's the native mobile apps that were created on Android and iOS, whether it's that interim television channel that we bring in through your cable provider or the Apple TV app that we created during the pandemic, making that experience very interactive. Obviously, voice is front and center and is a key part of our strategy on all of our platforms. We were very fortunate to be tapped on the shoulder by Amazon Alexa very early in the days of voice and we have created our own Alexa senior skill with over 200 prompts. And obviously that translates to other platforms as well, such as the robotics that you're going to be able to witness your in the short while. And we've also got really state of the art digital signage. One of the unique things about our signage is that we have a native asset controls 100% of the real estate on the finance, so we can literally do things like integrate with a community social feed. We could customize and design any part of that signage experience. And then of course, you have people who still want your printed newsletters and calendars. We have that

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