Afghanistan girls soccer team given asylum in Portugal


The girls on Afghanistan's national soccer team have been given asylum in Portugal the charter flight carried the girls ages fourteen to sixteen and their families we don't even can't even fathom that they're out of Afghanistan they're still in a state of shock for whom the motel is the captain of Afghanistan's women's national team work to help arrange their rescue from her home in Canada the mission is called operation soccer balls and was coordinated with the Taliban Nick McKinley with deliver find is hoping this is just the start to look at potentially trying to get more women and girls under the country's montage told the AP it's a bitter sweet time yes they are in a safe place now but again his name will forever be in our hearts of Janice and will always be of their main concern the girls say they want to continue playing soccer something they were told not to do while in hiding in Afghanistan I'm a Donahue

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