A highlight from 09/22/2021 - Hour 3 - Urban Meyer Isn't Long for the NFL


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Chris broussard sixty eight or instagram. Rob is at rob parker. F s are on instagram and at the bottom of this hour the segment. Everyone has been waiting for thai shirts. Tower of trivia is back and is going to be a lot of fun so definitely stay to for that but before we get into our next topic. Rob parker as you can't let it go. I can't let it go. Click people we weren't into the b fifty. Two's like you were everybody. Does this you know these songs you know rock lobster you and now here primakov wrote a song heard of anything called rock lops idaho. No i. I don't know that alex you didn't natta hyun disown. You don't notice have never. This is private ida hub. Gee this is private idaho. You never never heard what makes me wonder. What were you at college or high school college. This makes me wonder what you were doing in college. Man like this is what was gruber to in college. Yes this was the eighties. This was southern connecticut. State university in new haven. I used to go to toads place and dance and drink and all this see. You got to check out this. This chicks hair. That's playing the I i'd never heard it. Is everybody's around goal chris's a square not fifty to eighty dollars. They're doing eighties run. Dmc l. coup those guys out. I'm wondering my goodness beat. You notice some love shack. Yeah i like that. That's not to say. I can do with the rest without lobster. Love shack was fine. I get that one but the rest of that joke private idaho. I wanted to be side. That was a seaside. There's only two sides to adopt rob. Let's go here. urban meyer. Do we have sounded this or do i need to read. It is that what was that. I got to read it. Okay so here we go rob urban meyer's we know. It's been tough sledding for for the football college maybe in the pros. He's finding that out right so They're all into of course and not just setting for him. But trevor lawrence is wells. Got five interceptions. I believe so anyway. After their loss to the broncos of course the coaches meet at midfield and you know they they exchanged pleasantries and vic fangio to coach the denver broncos. Here's what he said their urban. Meyer told him after that. This is the nfl this is saying. This is the nfl. I don't know urban meyer at all. Really i met him. The other day shook his hand before the game and after the game and his comment to me was every week is like playing alabama in the nfl. That's it everybody's capable of beating. Everybody in this league rob quickly couple stats for you before you. You weigh in urban meyer his whole tenure at ohio state where he goes. I believe seven years. He never lost more than two games now. Of course they're on the verge of starting. Oh in three day player zona so arizona's obviously they got a shot to lose that game absolutely so they could go in three losing more games in the first three weeks that he lost an any of his seven years at ohio state. So rob your thoughts. You took the twelve million dollars a year. You got the first pick. What did you think hello. Is this on urban. Go to do research. And look at the coaches who have left college and come to the nfl and basically then left with their tail stuck between their legs in ain't a piece of cake like college where there's only a handful of teams and all the other teams are just fodder for you. You got more clearly. Go out and get the best kids right literally literally. It ain't like that. In a pros. As steve spurrier as nick sabin the greatest college coach ever ask him when he ran for miami. Couldn't do it and and now you like surprise. This is a shocker. That is going to be a rough road peak. Carol we get. It

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