Biden Defends Decision to Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan

NBC Nightly News


Biden today defended his decision to pull out. Us troops of afghanistan saying a long-term american presence. There was not acceptable but critics are saying he needs to do more. Mangala is at the white house. President biden tonight defending his decision to end america's longest war writing one more year or five more years of us. Military presence would not have made a difference if the afghan military cannot or will not hold its own country. The president also underscoring his commitment to the afghans who helped the us effort over decades saying our hearts go out to the brave afghan men and women who are now at risk. The statement breaking days of public silence from the commander in chief who's been consulting with his national security team on the deteriorating security conditions from camp david where the president held a video conference saturday with the vice president. Pentagon chief and secretary of state as republican combat veterans like joni ernst slam the administration strategists. It is all on president biden shoulders. This rapid and haphazard withdrawal of american troops senate minority leader mitch mcconnell calling for us air strikes against the taliban in order to keep kabul from falling something. President biden predicted. Wouldn't happen just last month like you. There's going to be one unified. Government afghanistan controlling the whole country is highly unlikely

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