Sen. Ted Cruz on Infrastructure Bill: 'This Is Reckless and It's Unprecedented'


The infrastructure bill maher. It's a nightmare. Ted cruz had a had a great explanation of this on capitol hill yesterday a us. Senator ted cruz from texas a smart guy and you absorb the two thousand pages of crap that the democrats including a number of republicans are signing off on who shame on these republicans. That's the usual suspects. It's mitt romney. But lindsey graham lindsey graham i. I know that he wants to get stuff done. You can't listen. You can't get this done. Senator lindsey graham. Please listen to your colleague. Senator ted cruz. These numbers are real. The put that in perspective indexed for inflation. The united states government spent four point one trillion dollars to win war to four point one trillion dollars to win world war two the greatest generation scaling the cliffs of normandy beating the nazis. The democrats in seven months are spending more than double what we spent to win. World war two. This is reckless. And it's

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