Kxly dot com good evening it's ten over three


Cbs news denver and this is cbs news a lot to the what did with news excellent bartlett kxly dot com good evening it's ten over three oregon senator ron wyden held a town hall meeting tonight said liberty high school in hillsboro the big topic was the republican healthcare bill passed the house this week the american healthcare act now goes to the senate and widen vowed to fight the bill to replace obamacare saying it will take healthcare away from people with preexisting conditions and twenty million people overall the for right he said it wasn't a health care bill at all he called it just a big tax cut for the wealthy and congresswoman suzanne bottom each is holding a town hall at lincoln high school at eleven am sunday healthcare expected to be a big issue there to oregon lawmakers are considering adding earthquake risk to the list of disclosures home seller would have to make any buyers.

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