Color-changing bandages detect and treat drug-resistant infections


That was two seven vented a bandage which helps diagnose infections by changing color and they think that this could help curb antibiotic resistance is coming out of China call the bandage added senses when bacteria are present in the body and then it releases medication to kill in response researchers in China see the work of pave the way for rational use of antibiotics they normally antibiotics are given as preventive measures above the sink so here but you'll the is on mice and the bandage change from green to yellow one drug resistant bacteria were present and then I believe the bandage eventually turned read out a bit with some color changes I think I you know what I think I think it was drug sensitive factor I think have a typo here I think if it was drug sensitive actor turned yellow drug resistant actor turned right a little type a but that's okay I don't always tell the editors of there's a typo you maybe look stupid on air good articles so I'll give it to them now this bacteria resistance thing is why you guys Ravenel is I'm getting about you guys are mad and your fear yes with urgent cares in telemedicine and your doctor because you're not able to get the antibiotic like used to and well antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threat to global health they say seven hundred thousand deaths worldwide every year records the World Health Organization is because you have a bacteria that we can't fight with an antibiotic so we have I don't know how many tens of thousands of people die and it's very frustrating as a doctor because we say okay you have a bacteria they will give me something you give them something and it doesn't work and you have to explain to them can't we can't I don't really have much else which is why I think we need to go to you know maybe you feel certain light therapy or certain other non antibiotic therapy stealth kill these Bucks so but that help early help find detects bacterial infections early might we're just guess work and might reduce the shock on approach that we've done with antibiotics you guys are having trouble getting antibiotics now urging Kerr's telemedicine things like that because if you have a cold that sounds like you have a cold we're we're not supposed to give an antibiotic the rules are getting tighter and tighter they allow still a little bit of wiggle room but you know for those of you that always got dizzy pack for bronchitis those days are over because Suzy needs the Z. Packers for Max for super gunnery so she was sizes in China say that bacterial infection has a unique micro environment of toxins enzymes in a PH level they get kind of a cynic so doctors now getting cool and colleagues at the Chinese academy of sciences developed the material which can assess this micro environment that these victory give off the researchers incorporated the material into bandages that tested them on the wounds of mice I don't the average band aid is the size of a mouse so my guess is a real little bit bad well given up and even though I think anyway the mice were infected with either a drug sensitive or drug resistant to be coli in the case of drug sensitivity collide the bad the change from green to yellow and released an antibiotic to kill the microbes one the drug resistant bacteria were present the bandage turn red after coming into contact with the enzyme specifically produced by the resistance my quips when the vector were detected the researchers expose a bandage to light because in the material to release the chemical you see we're starting to use light that we can the bacteria allowing them to be more susceptible to the medicine so you see what they're doing we could slap this bandaid on to figure out if you got the drug sensitive or the resistant client if it's the resisting content that we could maybe start some light therapy or whatever we have out there and treated early that we don't have common light therapy sort of treatments out there we don't really have that were working on it you know we're working on silver we used to use silver nitrate to treat civil war soldiers STDs calottery and syphilis so we used to use that but we don't really have silver Reno very easily you don't Tom studied for certain factor which we need to do but now we're not just shocking approaching a machine gun approaching your infection what we need to do is find a way to work use that and not waste antibiotics or time or allow other he had to grow because were mixed use another at about so researchers say that sense in a tree branch over to quickly could open for recovery souls curb the spread of antibiotic resistant microbes so this paper was an ACS interest lines offers no since the bacterial infections the monitoring drug was this is a very important for the selection of treatment options so it's it's cool you know we're we're making headway I don't know how expensive these bandages are going to be you know your kids all the I have a bandage on pick at it at school jump in the bath tub it'll be floating around I can't see how many times I find my kids use bandages around the house you know

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