Mindful Eating During the Holidays


Today we will be sharing our thoughts and ideas on how to stay mindful of your goals and your personal health plan. During during the holidays many of you have made it. This far in the holiday season successfully avoiding the high sugar treats that are in abundance in abundance everywhere. Everywhere you go. Hopefully we can help you. Say No to the fudge the Christmas cookies and the bars on this final stretch into the new year and and say yes to the food. That makes you feel alive and full of energy joining us today. As the CO host is Britney Vincent who is also so a registered and licensed Dietitian. Some of you may recall from an earlier. Dishing up nutrition show that Britney is expecting her first baby and how many Months two months two months. It's so soon is so soon it's crazy. You can be sure that Brittany is very mindful of her food. Choices says especially now during the holidays. Good morning everyone yes. I have been very mindful. Sino that eating fudge judge is probably GONNA make my blood sugar crash especially being pregnant my blood sugars more sensitive so that leaves me feeling lightheaded. Maybe foggy Christmas cookies with gluten makes bloated constipated sometimes might even trigger migraine. Sounds lovely right. No kidding knowing those things it's easier for me to just say no. Thank you and when you develop develop the mindset that food you each give you energy and a sense of wellbeing the making those correct choices for your body is a lot easier you know. I had this conversation with the client a couple of days ago and she used to have the mindset. That sugar is poison. And that's what she would say to herself when she sauce. Sugar but sugar snuck back into her life and she was telling me she really needs to go back to that mindset because because then it was just so much easier to say no right. It's just off the table. We ought poison. We don't need your When I teach the nutrition for weight loss classes says I often hear this? How can I stay on a healthy eating plan through the holidays?

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