UF353: Uriah Hall, Kevin Lee, Cory Sandhagen - burst 14


Ask Yourself. You're not my little Dude I love of Ya I do. I'm saying freely. Now listen Jimmy. And his Christmas. The army don't be a fucking why not sometimes the hangup things funny sometimes. It's not it. It's Christmas time. I love you buddy I want you to Jimmy. Look at me I want you to. I want you to say back and I want you to be mature about this. Look at me I'm your friend I love you bow. You found that what you're saying you have seen silted twenty twenties coming the Jimmy. I'll see you next year before I do. I love you. I love you to your idea. I even love you because this is weird if I love Matinee I don't love you can't see I don't love any Pat Jimmy. Great Great Holiday. Mary Mary Happy Happy Holidays all of these guys. Let's take I

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