The Big Star Wars Spoilercast - burst 16


What felt like twenty he. Minutes before saying Skywalker was long enough for. She looks over sees the ghost the right she sees looking looking on her parents. Kind of WHO. I don't know why she even likes them anymore because they've been lying to her but whatever she likes and doesn't know her real parents who it seems. We're actually pretty cool. But they're not. There are present and so then she says her last name is Skywalker. And that's fine. That's fine. I think that her just saying Ray. I've seen all the arguments the very ways this could have gone Sheri- fine It makes the title of the movie like what is is move even called the rise of skywalker. Whatever she had just been like? I'm Ray and like I make my own destiny which is like the movie The version of this movie that would have just followed on from the last night. That would've been great even if she had been like. I'm Albertine like and I'm yeah taking the name on the team. Jack Reclaiming rarely I'm Ray Hitler. I'm taking it's true that like maybe that would that's called so I think that the point you make about this scene in general is the most important one or the one that I was stuck with. Is that Luke. Didn't even like this place wasn't supposed to be and it ends. It ends on the iconic shot of Luke looking at the two sons as they sat and it's her a sorry ray looking at the two sons as they but like it means something completely different and I guess like Star Wars does okay. Let's go back to the beginning but the beginning for Luke story the tragic and like that's not where he wanted here and I'm dreaming of where I can go. Well it makes sense. If you're communist dynasty because the original skywalker legacy was born an attack Anneke was born on tattooing immaculately conceived right from

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