UF353: Uriah Hall, Kevin Lee, Cory Sandhagen - burst 05


I see the switch and I fucking I love it I love it. He's fucking crazy but he's fucking awesome. He told the story and he has time where he was with his son. And it's something nice kid a little shy and they were in a new sports car or whatever and I think he was like it was his sons Corey was giving it to this on but there were some guys at a parking lot right in the league. Oh Man Nice car something one of because now. It's a it's a chicks car or something. So he saw his son like Kinda look down he gets out and goes. Hey that's right. He goes called look at the size. is oh my for China. Oh wait right up to angels fucking nuts. I love it but in a good impression. Yeah it's not good. I'd say you know I know. Master Awesome President of event. It's been great. You know presents safe. They save so he's so good at that too safe. I'm so safe right safe because I looked wayne spelled spotlight. Dean Thomas is a I you. Yeah you don't spell it like if you look at spell dean is din. You know because it's spelled D. I n.. So his whole life he should thank his parents whole life. He's got to tell if it's deemed Dan. Tom Is Dean sorry. I'M PAGING MR D. D D. I is not just violated. Should be there but hey who am I you know I was his name a I love dude. Can I tell you one one of my favorite guys. Do you know dean. Thomas isn't that the coach of We hold on to

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