How to Stop a Killer Asteroid

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GonNa Start Out Story on February Fourteenth Twenty Tain the world's finest asteroid researches were meeting for a conference in Vienna. Allan Harris was catching up with some colleagues. We had a nice evening in in a restaurant in Vienna talking-shop as people do some of that shop talk was about an asteroid that was expected to fly by Earth. The next day it had been discovered a year before and scientists were tracking it closely. They predicted it was going to just skim pastas. It was coming quite close to the earth. The scientific community entity was ready and waiting and so we were all geared up. We were expecting it. The asteroid is called DNA. It's a potato shaped rock about one hundred thirty eight it across and it was expected to be one of the closest encounters ever recorded between us an asteroid of its size. Scientists have press releases ready and interviews scheduled. It was rather exciting so with the big day ahead. Alan hit the. Hey Jude. Brush my teeth. How To wash amend just fell asleep keep in Vienna? Alan slept peacefully the two thousand miles away in the city of Chelyabinsk in Russia so so gay to Madre and astrophysicist remembers hearing the asteroid as that exploded over his hometown. Cigarette Sto Berlin the Segue says some people were frightened. He also also told us that when the asteroid exploded because the chemical reaction evolved stop. He says the air smells different. Some people even sensed different taste in the mouth they said it had some metal flavor doll across the city. The blast damaged buildings links caging in some roofs and shattering windows more than one thousand people were treated for. Injuries mostly cuts from broken glass. The asteroid ended up causing millions of dollars in damage back in Vienna Allen. Had No idea what had happened while he was sleeping. He wiped out brushed his teeth and headed down to breakfast. All I could see from where I was sitting having my breakfast was a reflection of a TV monitor which was just showing the news and the picture that keping repeated was that of a streak across the sky but then I managed to read the I think it was the word meaty or something backwards. Alan was confused Doue. The asteroid scientists had been tracking. Wasn't supposed to come by earth until later that night and it wasn't meant to hit earth it just come close. He realized that this asteroid that he was saying streak across the sky on the television. The one that had just exploded over Russia it wasn't Wednesday it was an entirely different asteroid. And that's really when I began. My jaw dropped my Georgia's dropped and I got up. I left my breakfast table. Got Up to to actually view the TV screen directly. I gave the screen. I think I saw this I just I just couldn't believe it. This was just total coincidence. Allen just stood there agape for a bit processing what he's saying. He was totally stunned but of course he he had a meeting to get to so we hopped on the Metro. We go onto the train. A dairy majorly just sitting right in front of us. They're where the colleagues from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in. I'm from NASA headquarters so all the people in the world you would want to talk about this event were right there. Did any of them have any idea that this might happen. Not at the toll. Nobody could have predicted this. We didn't know anything about it. You know the only event who predicted was out of the close approach of Wendy Allen says some researches were a little red faced. Well I think there was a little bit of embarrassment. How are we going to explain to the world that we did not see this coming? ooh Yeah I made really how are you going to explain it Ellen. How did you and the rest of the Asteroid Researches spot one asteroid that was passing by US but missed the mets lab into

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