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Saquon Barkley makes Giants history in eye-opening performance


Being mentioned the same preface tiki barber certainly put sink one Barkley in great company the giants running back delivering two hundred seventy nine all purpose yards of yesterday's with Washington that breaking barbers team record of two seventy six when I was drafted once the rails with tiki and I told him that I'm a very wise records and I like this stuff away of a busy coming more like a software like that knows my goals I want to be great like you one day I know you know you give a lot of ice and motivation and it was a low scoring affair budgets coach Adam gase please with quarterback Sam Donald's performance during their win over the Steelers play that game exactly the way that that we talked about it on Wednesday when we met with our team and we talk about how we had to play a game meanwhile win tonight gives the Packers the NFC north title Westwood one's coverage of Green Bay at Minnesota on the fan at seven thirty

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