Ron Rivera cut loose by skidding Carolina Panthers after nine seasons


About turn to his fourth kicker. Okay the cowboys still have the one that they started the season with even though he's missed more kicks in anybody in football and continually let down. I had research do this Fact check for me. I said how many points have opponents scored as a direct result of Maher missing a kick and giving them appeal position. Twenty seven points this year four touchdowns that Maher has missed. Field Goal and the opponent has immediately seized possession the ball and swept the field on the cowboys and turned his three point. Seven points throwing away four times. My twenty-seven Boyd's let me ask you this do the panthers or even the Redskins is there any advantage to what they've done redskins were the first I to bring in an interim coach and Callahan. I mean he was already on staff but they made that move grooten the panthers have done it now with Ron Rivera. And they bring in in Perry fuel as the interim head coach do those teams by virtue of making the decision at the time. They did do. They have any any decided advantage over the cowboys by having made that decision when they did well I think they have an advantage advantage. And you know the redskins obviously had it for several months and haven't taken advantage of it in any significant way that we're aware of Haven't even been any. You ruined our reports about Snyder. Talking to college coaches or pursuing other people who have been out of the WHO've been in that position but are now out of the NFL I I assume he's been gathering opinions and identifying candidates Now David Tepper the owner of the Carolina Panthers when he dismissed just Ron Rivera during the season was very specific about saying that was why he was doing it. He didn't WANNA go behind Rivera's back and hear him have him here that they were interviewing other the people He wanted to be able to do that in the clear light of day with a clear conscience so that is what he intends to do that being said I I really I I mean. I don't think that's going to affect the cowboys List of candidates because I think anybody who gets their choice of jobs between the Carolina Panthers The Washington Washington Redskins and the cowboys. If they think they're in play with the cowboys they're going to wait on the cowboys I mean it's that high profile team that highly regarded a franchise and a job even though there are some unique challenges that are in all likelihood going to be forced upon you. should you endeavor To be are you one of Jerry. Jones is coaches But but I think with the young roster that they have and with the talent that they have that we don't see on Sundays any longer I still think it's an attractive job when other Jerry's willing to pay I don't know you know Jerry's always said we're the Dallas cowboys. We can have the best that there isn't coaching and my question is well. Why don't you ever have that? How can we only had that twice Jimmy Johnson and with bill parcells arguably

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